We are closed. Thank you for the years of support!

For the past 6 years Tromley Computer Services has been the way I have been able to help the most people possible using some of my technical skills. It started out as a means of paying the bills without having to get a job, and it ended up being a journey of discovery about what I’m capable of and what sorts of problems I love solving. A lot has happened in the past few years though, and I decided that being a business owner was not my passion. I love problem solving, and I love generating value for others, but I don’t love the work necessary to scale and run a business. I went back to school, and upon graduating got a job in a field that I love. The consistency offered by a job means I’m able to spend more time with my family, and I’m able to build a life for them.

Thank you all so much for your willingness to give us a shot in your time of need.

At the Palisade Gardens we were looking for a computer tech who could meet our needs.
It is a busy atmosphere at the Palisades and we needed a tech who make himself available on a moment’s notice.
We found just that person in Scott!
Scott has quickly become a welcomed fixture here at the Palisades. We found him to be approachable and honest.
We have even asked him to teach weekly computer classes to our residents. They love him!
Scott is knowledgeable, has a great deal of patience and extremely reliable.
— Micki McLean, General Manager, Palisade Gardens Retirement Community
Scott is responsive, efficient, knowledgeable, accurate and polite.
— Ford Elm Consulting
Outstanding service. Friendly, patient technician. Thank you, Scott, for your assistance.
— Di Levesque, Entrepreneur
OMG, he’s excellent, you have to call him! He solved my problem in a minute, and we had spent several hours trying to fix it ourselves! I was left speechless.
i highly recommend Scott to anyone who is having trouble.
— Josephine Robert, Josie's Pet Spa
— Judge Robert Geddes, President - Canadian Association of Retired Persons


Custom computers
Wired networks
Wireless networks
Security auditing and hardening
Backup solution design and implementation


Group training
Personal tutorials
Technical writing


Virus removal
Spyware removal
Hardware repair and troubleshooting
Computer tune-ups


Support contracts
Onsite support
Remote support


SEO consulting
Web design
Social media marketing
Advertising consulting