Custom Forms

Every business has forms. Forms are the best way to collect information in a consistent, organized fashion.  Whether you're a real estate agent trying to produce a report outlining the appraisal value of a set of properties, a home inspector doing a WETT inspection and not wanting to miss a step, or a doctor's office onboarding a new patient, you need forms.

Paper forms are useful, but when you have a form that can be filled out electronically you open up a world of possibilities. The appraisal form can automatically calculate future value, property area given dimensions, or any number of other important aspects of a home's value. The home inspection forms can automatically fill out latter pages given information on former pages, saving time and effort and minimizing mistakes.

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Medical OMR

Medical OMR

Paper, paper everywhere

Try as we might, it is very difficult in some businesses to get away from using paper forms. This does not mean however that we have to give up the power and convenience provided by technology.

Thanks to Optical Mark Recognition, or OMR, we can create forms that can be scanned using a regular desktop scanner, and the data from the forms can be ingested into a database where we can use it to produce reports and archive it in a searchable format.

At TCS, we are experts at Optical Mark Recognition implementation, form design, and database development.

We have used OMR technology to process and leverage the data from evaluation forms distributed to attendees at a number of large international medical conferences. The attendees filled out a survey after each talk, and this data was collected, processed, and then a report was generated and provided electronically to the speakers.

Branded forms you can be proud of

Presenting a consistent brand experience to your customers is hugely important, and having branded forms that represent your business is just one more way you can ensure you are percieved as profesionally as you can.

Whether you need web forms, PDF forms, or paper forms we can ensure they communicate your brand message, in both appearance and content. That way your customers never wonder whose forms they are filling out and they know they can trust you with their information.

This brand value continues through to the reports generated based on the information collected on the forms. We can create beautiful reports that your customers will love to read.


Collect, organize and leverage

Forms are all about the collection of information, but they are just the first step in your workflow. Once you have the right information, it has to end up in the right place, at the right time, so you can use it. Some forms are meant to produce reports, some are meant as a record of important information, and some are meant to kick off a process.

We can help you figure out the right workflow to ensure your valuable information is safe, and is in a format that will allow you to best use it to create value for your customers. What good is a dusty box of paper? Get that info into the computer and protect yourself from fire hazards and flood liability.

We can streamline and modernize your business processes, so give us a call today!