Event Submission Form

Use this form to submit events to be added to the RLC calendar.

Type in the title of the event
This is the description of the event that people will see when they click the event on the calendar. This is the most important thing, because it is what will drive traffic to our site from Google, so be sure to make it descriptive and interesting.
Event Start Date *
Event Start Date
Here is where you set the date of the event. If it is a multiple day event you should put the end date of the event in the "Event End Date" field that is next in this form.
Event End Date
Event End Date
If your event is multiple days long be sure to put in the end date here. If it's just a single day event you can leave this blank.
Event Start Time *
Event Start Time
Here is where you enter the time that the event is starting. Just enter 0 for the seconds, unfortunately I can't get rid of the seconds field.
Event End Time *
Event End Time
This is where you enter the time the event is ending. Again, just enter 0 for the seconds.