Backup all the things

Do you only have one copy of your photos? How about your tax documents? School work? Business documents? Chances are you do. If you only have one copy of something on a computer hard drive, you had might as well have zero copies. 3% of hard drives fail within their first year, 6% in their second, and 50% in their third.

You need to back up your files, and we would love to help. Click this button now before it is too late:

I've never had a drive fail before!

Disk on Fire

Every time I hear a client tell me that as an explanation for why they don't have any backups it blows my mind. Hard drives are complex, they've got lots of moving parts and are quite delicate. As a result they're bound to fail eventually, and many fail sooner than you would expect. Here are some things you should keep in mind when thinking about backups:


If you have to think about backing up, you will forget to do it. If you can automate the process the chance that you have an up to date backup in the event of a hard drive failure is substantially improved. Thankfully it isn't very difficult to design an automated backup solution.

On Site and Off Site

Cloud Backup

You should have two backups of your critical data. One should be stored on site, on an external hard drive near your PC. This will allow you to quickly recover files if you accidentally delete them, and will ensure that if you don't have an internet connection you can still recover your files if you need to.

The other backup you have should be off site, in the cloud. Without an off site backup your backup is at risk of being destroyed along with your computer in the event of a fire, flood or other catastrophic event. Cloud based backup solutions are inexpensive and automated, and we can help you set one up.

Test your Backups

Simply backing up your files is not enough. The important step that most people miss is that you have to test your backups regularly to ensure their integrity and ability to be restored. You never want to find out that your backups are corrupted or unable to be restored on the day that your hard drive fails. Tromley Computer Services can help you by testing your backups for you or teaching you how to do it yourself.