Computer Tune Up

Have you had your computer for a while, and it is performing less than optimally? Just need someone to have a look at it and clean it up a bit? Maybe you're using old programs and you're worried you're missing out on the latest and greatest?

If so Tromley Computer Services can definitely help. Click this button now to book a computer tune up:


No Spring Chicken

After a few years your computer accumulates all sorts of things. Temporary files eat up your disk space, uneccessary startup items slow your system to a crawl when you turn it on, and sometimes you end up with software conflicts and other issues that can hurt performance and make for a bad computing experience. A tune up is an affordable way to improve this experience, as well as an opportunity for us to find any other potential issues that we can help you with. We can make suggestions about alternative software to achieve your computing goals, and we can make sure everything is running as fast as it can.