Group Training


Do you belong to a photography club that would enjoy learning how to get the most out of Lightroom? Does everyone in your office need to learn how to use the newest version of Microsoft Office? Are you opening a new business location and would like to quickly train your staff to use your POS system? Tromley Computer Services can help.

We will not only provide excellent training, with custom learning materials and appropriately sized groups, but we will follow it up with great after-training support. We will provide documentation outlining what was taught to all of your staff members, and can even offer remote follow up tutorials to ensure everyone on your team can apply what they've learned to create value for your business.

If you need a group of people to know more than they currently do, click this button:

Group Training

We have what it takes

Our trainers have the attributes that are required to connect with a group of people and ensure they absorb all of the information they need to for success. The three key things a great trainer must have are competence, patience and the ability to be engaging. We work hard to develop these characteristics in our training staff, and the feedback we have recieved from our sessions has shown us that we are focusing on the right things.

We won't leave you stranded

Frequently we have heard that managers are tired of spending an hour or two in training, only to leave without actually having any new skills. Whether it be because attendees didn't take effective notes, because the material wasn't covered at an appropriate level of complexity, or because the presentation style was too distracting, wasting all of that time for nothing is expensive and discouraging.

Tromley Computer Services knows this, and we strive to ensure those who attend our classes never leave feeling abandoned and confused. We provide after-training support in multiple ways to ensure staff can answer their own questions, and can turn to us for help if they need it.

Record the sessions, watch them any time


Whether we are helping you on site or remotely we offer the ability to record our training sessions in their entirety. We can then send them to you after the session is over, and you can watch them, pause them, rewind them and watch them again until you're certain you've learned everything you set out to learn.

That way you're never left feeling more confused when we finish than when we started.