Network Consulting

Your computers aren't very useful by themselves. They need to be connected to the internet, to each other, to your mobile devices and to your printers and scanners to truly provide value. You need a network to make this happen, and Tromley Computer Services are you networking specialists. Whether you need a wired or wirelss network for your home or business, with 2 or 200 computers, Tromley Computer Services can design and build one for you that will perform quickly and reliably. Click this button now and let us set up your network:


Wireless Performance and Security

If you're using the combination modem and router that your internet service provider gave you, chances are you've run into wireless performance issues. If you're more than a handful of meters away from your router you will notice webpages take forever to load, or sometimes don't load at all. Moving files between computers via the wireless is slow and frequently the transfers fail altogether. That's because the router your ISP gives you is not good at all.

Replacing your router is a simple intervention that will fix many seemingly unrelated performance issues on your computer. Not only that, but proper wireless network design will allow you to enjoy using your computer in your back yard, basement, or upstairs in your house without any impact on performance. If you have a large number of computers and other wireless devices on your network, upgrading your router will allow you to use them all at once without a performance impact, and it will enable you to do things like provide networked storage for backups and network USB printers that lack network functionality.

We can survey your area and find out what wireless channels your neighbours are using, allowing us to set up your network on a different channel and guarantee performance. We can configure wirelss security for you to ensure the only people on your network are the ones you want on your network.

Cat6 Patch Panel

Wired Networks

If you would like to move large files between computers on your network, or stream high definition video to multiple set top boxes and devices at once, you can't beat the performance of a gigabit wired network. Providing gigabit ethernet to your desktop computers is as easy as running an ethernet cable, and the reliability and performance is substantially better than even the best wireless network.

If you're building a new house, or you're renovating a new office, it is an ideal time to think about installing ethernet cables. It will improve the value of your property, and will send a clear message to the buyer that you are forward thinking and care about doing things right. Contact us today and we can help you design the perfect wired network for your home or office!