Social media management

If your objective is to generate business using the internet, the key to doing so is engaging with potential customers. Rather than trying to get them to come to you, perhaps it's time you went directly to them. The most effective way to do this is by creating and managing an effective social media presence, based on generating and spreading novel compelling content and responding directly to customer inquiries.

But you're busy, and creating content, posting it, and engaging with people on social networks is time consuming. Doing it right is not only time consuming, but also pretty difficult.

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So many platforms, so little time

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube. Those are the top five places online that you can post content and potentially engage with customers. Each one you decide not to create a presence on is a missed opportunity.

Each platform has its own culture, and on each one users have different expectations about what a company should post and how it should interact with the community.

For instance, Twitter rewards small scale authenticity and candidness. If you post on Twitter as though you're a huge corporation, and not an individual, people will not pay attention to your posts. Twitter also rewards relevence and timeliness. It is where people go for up-to-the-minute views on what is going on in the world, not product announcements and advertising.

Instagram and Youtube are visually focused social media pages. Facebook is the professional face of your business on social media. LinkedIn is where you build and maintain your network of colleagues and suppliers. Every social media outlet has a purpose and a culture, and you should strive to learn about each one before posting anything on it.

Quantity over quality

As counterintuitive as it seems, the social sphere rewards consistent content creation much more than the creation of high quality content. As a result someone who posts average content twice a day will have much more success and engagement with users than someone who posts a great piece of content once a week.

There are places to showcase your high quality writing, photography and videography, but social media sites are not those places. Rather, they should be viewed as a means to get people to go to where your content is, and a way of engaging with customers personally.

Quantity wins on social media

Quantity wins on social media

Sell more by visiting stalls, rather than having your own.

Sell more by visiting stalls, rather than having your own.

Reach out and touch someone

Users spend time on social media for a litany of reasons. Often they are driven by a desire to be recognized as unique and important. To truly stand out therefore one should strive to seek out interesting people who are putting themselves out there, and engage with them on their terms. Rather than trying to push your agenda on everyone, it is more effective to see what they are trying to push, and make them feel as though you hear them.

If you can do this, you can form relationships, and if you can form relationships you can create brand ambassadors that will spread your message far and wide. Make it about others and you will succeed as a side effect. Make it about yourself and you're going to blend in to the background.